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School Resumption: Tertiary institution students are also human.

My view on school resumption in Nigeria. 

I am writing this article because I want to draw the attention of the government to the fact that students at tertiary institutions are tired of sitting at home. Especially, final year students who are about to finish their studies

I don't know why the Nigerian government is only concerned with WAEC students. Why does the government not talk about tertiary institution students. My reason for saying this is that there are students who have just started their exams and this corona virus has appeared. Because I have a sister who is studying at the Federal College of Education (Technical) Potiskum in Yobe state. She told me that, they had started writing first semester exams and had been suspended due to the corona virus pandemic. It's been four months and there's still no news of going back to school. 

Students are tired of living at home, the government should create an environment where students can continue their studies. Because living at home will cause their brains to slow down. I have a friend who is studying at Yobe state university, he said, remain only one week before they start their first semester exams but they have been suspended due to corona virus pandemic. 

This disease has caused disruption to students' education. In my opinion, since we don't know when the covid-19 will end, the government should take precautionary measures to protect students from covid-19 infection. The government should allow students to return to school and continue their education. That is my opinion. Thanks for your time.

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