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Npower: If You Have Receive A Message And Waiting For The Exam, Please Take Note Of These Things.

Having registered for the Npower job, you would be expecting to receive a confirmation message to certified that your application have been confirmed.

Once you receive the message, the next thing you might be waiting for, is to sit for the Npower exam or online test. The exam is part of the steps to be among the 400,000 beneficiaries to be selected by the officials of Npower scheme after all the application and screening process

If you have receive the message and waiting for the exam, it's important to take not of these following things or information ahead of the exam.

To have a foreknowledge about costly things that could affect you in the journey to be among Npower beneficiaries and to know all what you should avoid during the Npower exam is also part of success in the exam or test. 

As you receive your confirmation message and waiting for your exam, here are the things to take note before your exam and avoid during your exam:

1. As you wait for your exam, note that it's unwise to sit for Npower exam in the daytime. There is every probability of network failure during daytime resulting from high traffics.

Meanwhile, if you must write your exam in the day hours, it should be in the early hours of morning and in a cyber café with a good and strong network service. If you have a good phone, you may consider doing your exam in the night when only few people are accessing the website.

2. Be cautious of backward link or button during the exam, it is important to avoid frequent touching of backward key of your device during the exam because it can cause network hitches or even unknowingly help you summit your test automatically.

3. During make sure you do not use the browser's backward arrow because it is seen as "no go area." In the case that you you really need to go back, note that it is wise to use the backward arrow on the test page. It will you back to the previous page.

4. Don't use the following browsers if you writing the Npower online test: 

Opera mini.

UC browser.

Internet explorer. 

If it has become inescapable for you to use a browser like internet explorer, do make sure to go for the latest version and use. Those aforementioned browsers are not considered capable to handle the Npower online test.

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