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Nigerian students have messed up, how could they make this grammatical blunder on twitter

Nigerian students are regarded as the future of tomorrow, they have been loaded with education and as such have to act and express themselves like educated people. The Nigerian students are one of the many people that have been affected by the ongoing raging pandemic, Covid-19.

For 5 months now, they have been kept at home because of the mandatory national lockdown that has been imposed on all public places, schools inclusive. However, the Nigerian student seems to be getting tired of staying at home, and have launched an online protest clamouring for the reopening of schools.

This decision must be reviewed critically because we are definitely in difficult times, and everybody is desperate and not happy. But, in the online campaign, there was a terrible grammatical blunder that as Nigerian students, they were not supposed to make. Making grammatical mistakes as a student is very shameful because people believe that a student's command of English is very important in other affairs of life.

Extremely intelligent government officials could use this against them. Here is the mistake they made in their campaign poster, they used the phrase "SAY NO TO LOOSE OF AN ACADEMIC YEAR" that was boldly written in red colour on the Twitter trend page.

The word "loose" means to untighten something like a rope. Loose practically means to untighten an object, example of such is the act of loosing the rope on a goat's neck. The appropriate word to use there is "Loss", which means the inability to recover something that is gone.

Moreso, "loose" is a verb and a verb was not supposed to be used in that context, the appropriate part of speech to be used was a noun which is the word "Loss".

The Nigerian students mean to say that they cannot afford to lose another academic year, because they will not be able to recover the year if it is gone. This mistake should be corrected immediately before the government use it as an excuse not to reopen schools.

The government should at least see what they can do about this, because some students complained that weed has started growing in their respective hostels.

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