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This is why you should be reading newspaper daily.

Newspapers, is another means of transferring news around; without electric transmission system. If you do not have the ability, to owned a television or any electronics device, to bring you the news around the world; Newspaper will do this for you, you can see any newspaper at the maximum price of #150 or #200. Newspaper always cover more of news information, than hearing it on electronics device. The important of buying newspaper to get the news, than hearing it from electronics is far better. you can read it over and over for you to understand it; because many times you might not get the chance to hear it clearly, on television and which can't not be repeated to your hearing, at the moment you need to get the information.

The reason, you should be reading newspaper as a student or anyone that is trying to learn something:

1 reading newspaper daily will add to your grammars: this is no lies, if you stick to reading newspapers, more words would be gotten every time you read it; because new words are daily released and the way you can use it.

2. For a person that cannot speak good English: this is where newspaper, is most valuable to get and read daily. You can be a teacher to yourself. Reading newspaper will makes you to understand, some words more and for the heavy grammar in it, dictionary will be something to break it down for you.

3 Reading newspaper will makes a person to able to be fluent in speaking: for a person, that normally have a skipping tongue, whenever such person want to speak, English or any languages; newspaper will work your tongue for you. If you could read it out to another person hearings daily.

4. More technique of reading and writing will be gained: Yeah, ways we write and read to understand, is always different. From reading newspaper daily, another ways of reading to understand, and writing technique will be of something a person would gained.

5. Job seekers: this is where jobs vacancy advertising always placed. For as anyone who is seeking a job, can easily jammed he/her luck. It helps to less, the stress for a person to be roaming the street in Search of jobs. Newspapers will get you every information you needed upon any job placed on it.

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