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What you need to do as a student during this lockdown. Number 1 is important

We all know that things are not going as expected. This lockdown has affected a lot of things. So if i may ask, what are your plans? What do you intend doing in times like this? Its not adviceable for any student to stay idle at this moment.

In this article, I will be giving helpful tips that will help you as a student in Nigeria.

So let begin

1. You need to learn a skill: Learning a skill this time is the best advice any one can get. Sitting at home is not the right thing to do. Now you may ask me, what skill can i learn? I don't have money to learn a skill now. If that's your question, then ask your self - is there anything in this life that comes at a plater of Gold? You have to use money to get money. There is no way your money will increase unless you invest it. Send your money an errand and it will come with profit. These skills are

** Graphic design: Graphic design is a good skill to learn. To learn this skill, it will cost you at least 5k. This skill can make you get at least 20k.

** Copy writing: Copy writing is a nice skill. With copy writing, you can earn at least 100k a month. You can learn this skill online. Websites like opera news hub employ copywriters and pay them handsomely.

2. Keep reading your books: You have to keep on reading your books because if you stop doing that, your brain will start shutting down.

If you have any suggestion, please feel free to comment.

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