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Remember The Baby Genius Who Could Read & Write As An Infant? See His Name And Photos Of Him

When someone does something which everyone or the society considers to be extraordinary, exceptional or unbelievable, they are dubbed to be genius. Often times, this set of unique and gifted individuals are called super humans because of the extraordinary gifts and unique aptitude the society saw in them. Some are dubbed as genius because of their academic performance while some became genius because of what they invented.

In my article today, I will be presenting to you a young boy, who wowed so many people and made Nigeria proud as a result of his extraordinary gifts and five star performance in his academic. This little genius was dubbed as one of the most intelligent and smartest children in the world, he is no other person than Joshua Beckford.

All You Need To Know About Joshua Beckford

1. Joshua Beckford was born in 2004, and was identified as one of the intelligent kids on the planet, and also referred to as a genius in autism.

2. Joshua Beckford became the youngest person with autism to be accepted in a standardized university, Oxford University precisely. He got admitted into the varsity to study philosophy and history when he was 6 years of age, a feat which so many people could only dream of.

3. Joshua Beckford who is exceptionally good in his academic, completed his varsity education when he was just 14 years old; another remarkable achievement which many people could only imagine.

4. Joshua Beckford did the unthinkable and continue to wow so many people with his remarkable achievements and academic brilliance despite being diagnosed with high functioning autism.

5. Joshua Beckford display of brilliance and intelligence began even at an infant stage, he did the unimaginable as he could read, write and even identified and understood the alphabet when he was ten months old. Weird and unbelievable right?

6. The baby Joshua proved again that he is a genius at the age of two, as his fluency in reading was just as exact as that of an adult, and he was able to speak in Japanese at the age of three. This is another exceptional and unbelievable achievement.

7. Generally speaking, most kids at an average age of six, are steal learning how to read, write and count. This wasn't the same scenario for Joshua Beckford; this little genius was running faster than time due to his academic brilliance. Joshua Beckford was prepared to attend one of the best university in the world.

8. This little genius studied philosophy and history, courses meant for talented children between the ages of 8 and 13, and he wowed so many people as he excelled in his examination and passed with distinctions on both courses.

9. In his proposed visit to Nigeria, he made a plan to set up a program so as to raise fund in a bid to build a school in Kaduna.

In my own opinion, I personally think it would be ideal if the Federal government sponsors or set up programs to assist these kids living with autism, and create an awareness to people who discriminate those living with autism because most of these kids are born champion.

What's your opinion on Joshua Beckford's achievements?

What would you proposed to the Federal government regarding those living with autism?

Please don't forget to hit the like button, drop your comments and share to encourage others who know someone living with autism.

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