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Check out the hilarious exam questions that may come after lock down (fiction)

The effect of lock down has placed memers and, or sensitive observers into imagination of the effects of corona virus and its consequences (little jokes that may turn into reality). It has placed fast observers into predictions of what might come to be.

Below are some possible exam questions that might come after lock down;


1. The level of school dropout in Nigeria during corona virus is rapidly increasing, who is to be blamed? Justify your claim.

2. Write a descriptive essay on the outbreak of corona virus in Nigeria, including how it lived with us; its menace and overcoming approaches.


1. Corona virus started in China, and later on spread to Italy; and now the whole world is affected. Using the pentagonous theory, calculate the movement of the virus in each country.


1. As a pilot, you are to fly 10 solders to a battle field from Lagos to Borno state. With the use of bearing, calculate the kilometers to which the plane moves.

Civic Education

1. As a citizen of Nigeria, the government has restricted your movement for months. Write an argument, criticising this discussion of the government.


1. With the effect of corona virus in Nigeria, what is the market equilibrium, market price and quantity for each of the following pairs of demand and supply functions?

A. Demand: P=N100-2q, Supply: P=N0+3q

B. Demand: P=N100, Supply =20+5q

Financial Accounting

1. Ibitola and Ologun were engaged in a conversation after a court hearing. In the course of the conversation, Ibitola said "please let the president stop anything that will truncate the educational system." In reference to the government, explain why you agree or disagree with Ibitola, with regards to her reference to a government as a system.

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