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If You Desire Academic Excellence, You Need to Consider these Factors. See what do!

The quality of an educational system is ascertained by the academic performance or success of the students. For decades, improvement in academic performance of students in school has been a common concern of parents, legislators, teachers, counselors and psychologist and other stakeholders. According to a study conducted by Bell (2002), parents devote a lot of resources to their children’s education because they believe that good academic performance will ensure a good and stable future for them. Furthermore, Wrilkins (2009) observed that many educational authorities have sought to find out reasons for the downward trend in the academic performance of students.

Factors Involved

Academic performance of school students has been basically associated with a number of  factors. Most students in Nigeria are confronted with some challenges of coping with their academics under some serious emotional strains such as a long walk to school, inadequate instructional material and teaching facilities, financial constraints, poor school environment and being taught by some un-motivational teachers with low work morale.

Below are the three (3) major factors that can influence students’ academic performance

1.     Family background

Family background is made up of parent’s educational status, marital status, occupational status, financial status, parental discipline and family size. Parental educational status is the educational level attained by parents of the students. The level of educational attainment of parents influences the academic performance of their children. In a family where both the mother and father are educated, their children are likely to enjoy assistance in their academic activities.

2.     Teachers’ qualifications

An outstanding problem working against students’ academic excellence is lack of good and quality teachers. Most teachers don’t know their right from their left; they have nothing to offer. How then can that teachers be able to impact students to the tune of performing excellently academically

3.     Good use of appropriate instructional materials

In-adequate supply and utilization of instructional materials including textbooks and important study materials which can increase teachers/students awareness and reinforce learning is an obstacle to academic excellence. There is general shortage of books in some schools subjects.

4.     Environmental Factors

The influence of the place of environment in academic excellence cannot be over-emphasized. It is with no doubt that the environment of students has positive or negative impacts on students’ academic performance, because in most cases we are the product of what our environments present us to be.

Possible Solution or recommendations:

1.     If you don’t have good family background that can help you achieve academic excellence, try and build one early if it will be possible

2.     Get quality teachers or tutors for quality knowledge impartation

3.     Search for good and quality text books and other good study materials

4.     Be in-charge of your environment, don’t allow your environment influence you negatively

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