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4 Important Things You Probably Don't Know About UNILORIN.

This article is mainly for aspirants but any other person can benefit from it.

Disclaimer; This is based on my observations.

Back then when I was an aspirant, I had little knowledge about how Universities operate. Fortunately, I got admitted then I decided to share some important things you need to know about UNILORIN (this might be the same for other universities also).

1. High Population; Per session, Nigerian Universities admits thousand of aspirants but UNILORIN's case is a little bit different. It is one of the most sought-after Federal Universities in Nigeria due to its stable academic calendar. Well, at least this used to be the case because the University joined ASUU. Another reason is that the University and the state, in general, are relatively safe.

The implication of this is that you have to compete for the limited resources available(tables, chairs, school hostels, and so on).

For example, you have to get to lecture theatres (equivalence of a classroom) very early to secure a seat.

2. Transportation Issues; This happens almost every day between a period of 3 pm to 6 pm or thereabout.

Most lectures for the day ends around that time frame, therefore, the majority of the students what to go home at the same time. This results in long queues caused by a shortage of buses.

3. Zero Tolerance For Independence The University has dress codes you must follow. Failure to do this might make you book an appointment with the Students' Disciplinary Committee's Panel(lol). This might warrant punishments. Remember, you are addressed the way you are dressed.

4. Night Class; You are free to read in any of the Lecture Theatres at night (midnight inclusive) all thanks to a good power supply and peaceful environment. Glory be to God! This is a plus for the night readers.

5. Free Wi-Fi; When I mean free, I mean free. All you have to do is connect and enjoy. Also, the wi-fi is faster at high due to reduction of the load on it. This is present at multiple locations in the University.

Conclusively, the University is superb with a lot of stress(no pain no gain).

Feel free to drop your question(s) below in the comments box.

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