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7 Innovative Business Ideas for Students Who Wish to Become Independent

(1) Selling of Kerosene: In most hostels kerosene stoves are the only approved cooking stove. If that applies to your school, go to any nearby Filling Station, buy some litres of Kerosene to your hostel and you will be amazed at the turnover and will surely make a lot of profit.

(2) Writing of Assignments: So many students are lazy to do their assignments and this is where you come in. Print banners, paste them in strategic locations informing people that you help do assignments for a fee, include your contact details, you are in business already.

(3) Fairly Used (Okrika) Business: Students love to look good. Go to any popular Okrika market around you early in the morning. Select nice clothes and undies, take them to your school mates, you will certainly make a fortune out of it.

(4) Hair Stretching/Straightening Business: Buy an hair straightener, it is sold for less than 2,000 naira, place posters indicating you stretch hair for 100 naira . You will be amazed at the patronage. If you are a male, buy a clipper.

(5) Popcorn Stand After Class: Buy a popcorn manual machine, It is sold for 5,000naira. You can buy an automatic popcorn machine if you have the resources, it is sold for 40,000naira. Buy foreign corn ( that's the specific one used for popcorn because it pops well). A custard paint is sold for 1,500naira, buy sugar 300naira, butter 200naira, milk flavor 300naira(optional) and your popcorn stand is ready. You can pop your corns and sell in the evening after lectures. One good thing about popcorn is that the irresistible aroma will advertise itself.

(6) Organizing Tutorials. You can organise tutorials for new students and make a lot of money.

(7) Noodles/Bread and Egg joint: Open noodles, bread and egg ('Mishai') joint in front of your hostel, you should do this in the evenings, weekends and public holidays.

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Content created and supplied by: Hustleisreal146 (via Opera News )

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