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Benefits of reading to students.

Reading is the activity or skill of understanding written or printed words. It is also an act which if not mastered will almost certainly make a student encounter difficulty throughout their life. Even if such students struggle to leave school they enter the labour world lacking the skills they need to find a job and develop financial independence in order to take their places as parents and good teachers and office workers. A reader benefits a lot from reading.

A student who develops strong reading skills will end up reading millions, trillions of words in a book than a struggling reader. It gives such a student an outstanding advantage in knowledge and good vocabulary.

Reading builds self confidence because of the knowledge you gain from it. More confidence builds self esteem. New ideas are discovered and with this comes more information and more creativity.

Reading is a fundamental skill builder and a window into cultures. There is no good course on this planet that has not got a matching book to do with.

Reading more books exposes you to generate more creative ideas.

Above all it allows you to generate more creative ideas.

Reading also gives you the advantage of having your own ambition for future as a student.

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