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ASUU’s 2021 Resumption and 3 Things Nigerian Students Should Do Before End of the Year

In a recent development, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) suggested to the Federal Government on postponement of school resumption till 2021.

Their reasons revolved around the obvious consequences of the corona virus pandemic and how it will be a huge risk to allow students to return to school even as cases rise daily.

If the government will be considering ASUU's suggestion, then it means that Nigerian students have not really gained anything worthwhile as consolation from the government during the whole lockdown except for a weak virtual education that was dead on arrival especially in Federal Schools across the country.

It should never be forgotten that in the last few months, no Nigerian student got a dime from the government as palliative. The lackadaisical attitude of those in charge shows that educational sector is not that important to the present administration.

However, this piece is out to advise that Nigerian students should not see themselves as victims of a failed educational sector. Whether the government takes the welfare of Nigerian students to cognizance or not, it is our responsibility to better our own lives even amidst the limited chances and opportunities that do not even go round when such show up.

Very drastic steps need to be taken by Nigerian students as we have only 5 months to the end of the year. Many achievements can be made only if we are ready to go through the stress.

1.    Learn a Skill

This is one of the most viable things Nigerian students can do for themselves especially if you need to support your parents. Learning a skill; technical or digital will help you get ready for life after school especially in a very rough economy that we live in.

Skills like Fashion Design, Graphics Design, Photography etc are lucrative in this part of the world. Those who already have skills have the next 5 months to polish it well.

2.    Start a Business

No. Not the random WhatsApp business where statuses are flooded with wigs, clothes and other commercial activities. You can stand out by starting your own creatively crafted business idea that will sell. Infuse a high level of innovation and make your business stand out from the crowd.

3.    Take Online Courses

Google, Coursera and Allison are some sites where you can get online courses that relate with your course of study.

While it may be a little unusual and may take time to get accustomed to such a development, you will be doing yourself a lot of good as you will become a certified professional in the next few months if you can beat the odds.

Meanwhile, Nigerian students should not shy away from the fact that the government has proved irresponsible to their welfare since the beginning of the pandemic. Many other countries extended palliatives to students in their countries but the ugly reverse has been the case here in Nigeria.

It is not too late for President Buhari to look into helping Nigerian students live through the pandemic. Monthly stipends will go a long way in helping students; particularly those with little or no assistance to survive this period.

Hopefully, 2021 will be better than what 2020 has brought to the educational sector so far. Till then; Nigerian students should make good use of the next 5 months so we can have a win-win situation at the end of the day.

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