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Do these while you wait for N-power screening test, 2020.

When opportunity meets preparation, success is established.

Preparation is one of the vital things that guarantees success.

Everyone who enrolled for Batch C N-power 2020 are hereby advised to read this important information so, Endeavor to share so it gets to others.

The good news is that, if you applied with valid information, be rest assured that you have a high chance of getting engaged.

And while, you wait for the screening test, there are preparations you should make.


IMPROVE YOURSELF BY READING : Improve yourself through reading. Most people read last the day they graduated from school. Why doing yourself such an injustice?

If you cannot read everything, why not read books relating to your field?

Reading is one of the best ways to improve yourself mentally. And whatever occupies you brain has control over your body and the way you relate with other and circumstances.

At time like this, it delivers you in any challenge. But if you do not invest knowledge in your brain, it won't be able to deliver when you need it. So reading, starting from now, if you have not been reading books relating to your field. Because, this screening test is coming to test your brain and to know if you can defend yourself.

You will answer questions from your field of study, quantitative reasoning, use of English language and General knowledge.

You still have the time to improve yourself by giving time to reading relevant books.


Your point of contact should be active because, you will be communicated to, when the screening test commences.

Look out for new updates only on the approved N-power website and Opera News.


Your documents should be intact because, after successful deployment to areas of duty, the focal person of the local government you will work is going to see your documents and making sure they are intact.



You are one among millions of other applications. This is why you should pray.

In everything, God still has control and none can do without Him.

Follow, comment your questions and share to inform others.

Stay prepared.

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