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Igbo man, Mazi Egbu becomes Vice Chancellor in United Kingdom

There's certainly no limit to what we can achieve if we put our mind and all to it. 

To some, education seems to be a very difficult path that they would never chose, to others, it is the keep that open doors to opportunities and influence. 

However, destiny varies, from one person to another. We are not thesame and can never be.  

But truth be told, education has really helped every individual in achieving one thing or the other. Education is not until you go to school, write with book and pen or force yourself to memorize series of equation.

It is the knowledge you've acquired by learning how to do something, learn new skills and use it for the betterment of yourself, your family, your environment and the society at large.


Oh! What joy I feel in my heart when I hear that Nigerians are doing exploits, in different parts of the world. We may not have the opportunity to travel around, but we can make a positive change wherever we find ourself. 

Professor Charles Egbu, a nationality of Nigeria, born in Anambra state has just been appointed a vice chancellor. The lecturer has been given a new duty, a new role and a new purpose as the Vice chancellor of Leeds Trinity University. One of the leading universities in United Kingdom

I want us to learn from this man, if he does not portray a well disciplined, hardworking and good character, he will not be where he is today. Let's put on our best behavior at all time and at any place.

Congratulations to him as he will be assuming his new office, November 1, 2020. He has made Nigerians proud.

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