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How to choose the right course and Institution before Writing JAMB

How to choose the right course and Institution before Writing JAMB.

I don’t even know what to study in the university but my parents want me to study “THIS”. Have you ever found yourself in such a dilemma as a JAMBITE?

I have come across many prospective university candidates with this kind of attitude. This is called life indecision and has to be fixed.

Choosing a career/course for yourself is one of the most difficult task that will decide your future. If you get it wrong now, you will get it wrong forever.

What criteria should you use to pick the course of your choice when you’ve picked your jamb form?

If you follow this guide, I believe you will easily get admission this year. Getting admission via is not as hard as you imagine if you have the right information at your finger tip.

How to choose the right course and Institution before Writing JAMB

How to choose the right course and Institution before Writing JAMB

Please take note of this before proceeding;

When you choose the wrong course;

You won’t have a clear vision or plans for your future.
You will be full of regrets ( had i known)
You will look confused since you have no clear plans for your future.
You won’t love your career/course since it is not what you love to do.
You will feel unsuccessful.

When you choose the right course;

You will surely have clear plans for your future.
Since you have clear plans for your future, you won’t be confuse.
You will feel successful even when you have not attain success.
You will love your career since it is what you love to do (passion).
Honestly, you will be filled with happiness all through your life.

Futher take note;

Dont let your parents choose for you, take a full week to go out and find your passion, it may be planting trees, swimming, art e.t.c

This article will be looked into via parts, and there are:

  • Choice Of Course
  • Choice Of Institution
  • Important Links

Guide On JAMB Choice Of Course

What should you consider when you are picking a course for JAMB?

Follow Your Passion And Heart:

In whatever you do, make sure to follow your heart. Do you love what you are doing? Let your love or passion for a particular thing is the very first thing to consider when picking a course to study in the university

Please make sure to choose a course that has always been your dream to study.

Do not put in for medicine, law or engineering simply because you want to feel big.

Never Follow Friends:

Do not study engineering because your best friend put in for an engineering course and you want to continue being with him or her. Be a man or woman of your own and learn to make your decisions and stand by it.

Don’t Allow Your Parents Pick A Course For You:

Many parents out of ignorance and greed push their children into a future of endless regrets and misery.

Do not let your parents push you to study a high profile course so that they can feel proud. If you allow yourself to be used as a tool, your life will be miserable.

Consider Your Strength And Weaknesses:

What are your strengths? Have you ever done additional math before? And you are probably planning to study computer science or an engineering course? How good are you in some certain subject? Consider your strength and weaknesses before picking a course to study.

Meet a counselor:

i will advise that you meet a professional counselor in the field of education or a trained psychologist to guide in the decision making process.

Last Resort: Pray. Prayer works wonders whether you believe it or not. To help secure the best course for you, pray before making any choice. I believe in prayer and i believe it will help you.

Guide On JAMB Choice Of Institution

It is in the nature of human beings to go after flashy things. When picking a choice of institution, candidates overlook very minute but important factors and focus more on the Big Name of the school. They are more concerned about the prestige they will be accorded once it is mentioned that they attended a said school.

Follow these criteria to pick an institution before writing JAMB:

Your Love For The School

Do you really love this school? Did you plan to study your dream course in this school? You know we all had childhood fantasy of our professional and career lives when we were kids. If you do not even like the school in the first place, then you don’t have any business with it.

Academic Quality:

Is it a qualitative school? Is it a school that after graduating you will feel embarrassed to present the certificate because you know you learnt nothing?

Job Opportunities:

Is it a school that you can easily be recommended for an employment once the certificate is presented? This is a huge point to consider

How Reputable Is The certificate

Is the certificate offered by the institution respected in the country? If yes, you can go ahead.

Your Pocket

Can you afford the fees of the school without breaking the bank? Can your parents and guardian afford it? Or do you need to owe the CBN before you can attend it.

Accredited Courses

Is your dream course offered and accredited in the school?

Cut off mark

What is the Cut off mark of your course in the school?


Consider these things deeply before making a choice. i can guarantee you that you will certainly sail through the admission process this year.

I hope this article has been resourceful? If you found it interesting, don’t hesitate to hit the publish button.

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