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University of Lagos Vs Covenant University - see the reason why you should study at either of them

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University of Lagos

Some benefits of studying at Unilag:

•Unilag is sitted in the Business Capital of the country. So studying in Unilag gets one very close to opportunities.

•The teaching staff seem to be very well travelled and exposed.

•High level of electricity supply

• students switch to study mode when exams are approaching, it's almost as if they have a serious mode switch.

•The student community is very diverse in terms of personalities, interests, background, skills etc. I t will be easy to find a group to fit in.

• free internet access

• comfortable library. Etc

Covenant university

Some Benefits of studying at CU:

•Chapel Service: People see it as punishment but i see it personally as an opportunity to know my maker more.

•Good electricity supply

•One thing is that the massive academic exploits done by former students encourage current students to study more and aim higher….they usually break the record. By the time you see that there are about 30 first class students in a class of 100, you’ll be inspired to be among them.

•Covenant university students dress smartly and are becoming fashion icons by the year.

•About 80 percent of CU students are quite spiritual

•lectures run from typically 8am till 6 pm but yours might end even as early as 10 am depending on your timetable. 

•The chancellor and every other leader in covenant university encourage students to read a lot of books

•facial capture is taken every night throughout the semester to find students that are not on campus. Etc.

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Looking at the benefits of both university, which one will you like to study?

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