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ASUU Says Schools Will Remain Closed Even After Covid19

Asuu just released another bomb on university students. While students are praying and being hopeful that the Covid19 era would soon pass and schools will finally reopen. Or that there would be a way to open schools even though the pandemic is still on. Asuu has said that even if Covid 19 stops, the chances of universities opening are slim. 

The president of the union in an interview had these to say;

“Talking of universities, it should be noted that the crises are beyond COVID-19. There are fundamental crises that will make universities reopening longer and impossible for now. We had long told government our position and until they meet necessary conditions, universities are not resuming even after COVID”.

“There are outstanding issues and government is not ready to fix our universities and provide enabling learning environment. For instance, we are talking about revitalisation… if our institutions are well equipped, there is no reason why coronavirus should stop academic activities.

“You cannot talk about social distancing in universities without talking about additional lecture rooms. So, we have two crises delaying resumption. The health crises and the refusal of government to make our universities standard,” he said.

Mr Ogunyemi urged the government to pay as much attention to education as it is paying to health.

“Government should not pay attention to health sector and neglect education sector. If the could raise taskforce to look into COVID-19, they should do so to address the challenges of education sector which include revitalisation funds for universities so that our institutions can be up to standard.”

For the union, if schools wanted to open, coronavirus is not enough to keep schools shut. That is if adequate safety measures are followed and our schools are well equipped. And properly equipped schools is what we don't have in Nigeria. For Nigerian students longing to go back to school, the war has just begun. If government fails to meet the needs of the union, coronavirus would end and they'd still be at home.

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