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AAUA Dress Code: Universities Are Not For Enforcing Moral Codes But For Research & Learning

According to a report by The Cable and the letter titled "Penalty For Indecent Dressing In Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State", it is stated that male students will be rusticated for a session if they dress indecently by putting on earrings, nose ring, tattered jeans sagging, and others. Many Nigerians have reacted to the memo in different ways.

One thing the Universities in Nigeria need to understand is that the way we dress is simply our choice. What is an indecent dressing for Mr. A may be the modest dressing for Mr. B. And the truth is that the business of a teacher in the university is to conduct researches and impact academic knowledge not enforcement of morals and religious overzealousness. Because enforcing morals might push some students to test the resolution of the Senate in the court of law.

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Dress sense is supposed to be a personal decision and choice and it doesn't have to matter what other people think about what a person wears. What I wear doesn't define my person, we are just always trying to be morally correct. Nigerians should be realistic as pretense is a very dangerous act and we need to train ourselves to walk away from it. Nigerians Universities should rather enforce productive researches that will solve industrial problems in Nigeria.

Nobody will support indecent dressing, but the penalty slated by the school is too harsh, rusticating someone for a whole semester is not good enough, countries, where they are dressing indecently, are progressing, it’s time we allow people to dress the way they want to be addressed, being morally upright has nothing to do with your dressing, we have seen someone used Babariga to collect bribe and we’ve seen people hiding expo under the veil, the problem facing the University is beyond indecent dressing.

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