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8 University Courses Every Nigerian Father Cherish

For a nigeria, it is not enough that you made it to unniversity No no any random person can go to the unniversity, "there will say. To them it's the course you study that matters.

1. Medicine:

This is the top 2 and it's not number 2. A Nigerian father's ultimate dream is to say "my child is a doctor "

2. Law

How else will he be shouting "barrister" when you are only 200-level.

3. Engineering

This along with medicine and law are the holy trinity of favoured courses.

4. Accounting/ Finance

You have a Nigerian father full attention.

5. Architecture

We just might die from pride.

6. Computer science

For people who can't change their WhatsApp profile picture by themselves, they sure love computer science.

7. Economics

This one is becoming popular

8. Pharmacy

Nigerian father just need free medical consultation

This are the courses, which every father want to see their child/children go into when you get admitted to their preferred unniversity.

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