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3 Types of Answers to Prayers You Need to Know

This is a very short article that will makes you know the kind of answers you will receive when you pray, be ready for any of these answers that will be listed below and accept them in good faith i.e. when you pray sincerely and faithfully to GOD.

All answers to prayer fall under those listed below.

1 .TAKE or Receive(Instant answer) –In this case GOD will give u a delivery of what you asked at the instant of prayer or within the shortest possible time instant interval, example when you pray for a job and you get a job or employed in no distant time, same goes to when you pray for miraculous healing. This is the type of answer we a talking about.

2. WAIT- This answer might take time but it shall surely come to pass, example maybe you are looking for admission into higher institution of learning and you happen to be qualified after you have passed all the necessary examinations and could not get admitted, just be patient, it could be that its not God's timing for you and it could be that God is preparing a better option for you. This is just an example, this kind of answer is applicable to every area of life.

3.NO-This is when there is no answer to your prayer or maybe your prayers was rejected because of these ÷

a) Maybe the prayer point is a selfish prayer.

b) Maybe what you are asking God for, is not god's plan for you for you.

These is a brief story of mine-

When I finished my secondary education, I went further to apply for the Nigerian Defense Academy(NDA) , Kaduna, Nigeria.

Fortunately, I passed JAMB and the NDA entrance exams, and then when I was enlisted for their screening exercise, I went there and I was disqualified. Then I felt disappointed, because I prayed hard to get it because I had passion for military. But now I am a happy person, because after seeing what is happening in the military today I saw reasons why God had to stop me from getting the admission even though i had passion for it .So that is an example of NO answer to prayer.

There are others, but they fall under this categories mentioned above e.g.

*NO-TAKE -Which means NO but to this take the best for you or Gods plan for your life.For example,when i finished my secondary school education ,I wanted to attend a university but later got admitted into a polytechnic though i was not happy then but now I am really happy schooling in a polytechnic i thank God.


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