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The Hardest Courses to Study in a University (Opinion)

The most difficult degrees that will require most effort, dedication and time are the following;

Engineering. This one is an absolute leader in the dropout rates. In some courses, it reaches 60%. Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics and Physics you’ll have to study if you choose this hardest college major will leave you happy with a ‘C’. ‘As’ are rare and accidental when it comes to Engineering students.

Physical sciences. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology fall into this category. You’ll need photo-graphical memory to remember the numerous Latin words and their meanings.

Computer science. Of course, it will absolutely pay off after you finally get your diploma. Your task is simply to stay alive and sane spending the vast majority of your awake time studying.

Health Professions. Nursing students confess that at least 80% of their classes are challenging. No time to relax. But at least they can feel safe. Medical students’ missed classes are too costly for their future patients.

Mathematics. While a lot of students are looking for majors which do not require calculations, this one consists mainly of calculations which can make brains boil.

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