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Opinion: 3 Things You Should Never Carry Into An Examination Hall

Note: Pictures used in this article are for illustrative purposes.

In my previous articles, I talked about some certain things one needs not to do in an examination hall in other for him or her to perform brilliantly.

So today, I will be talking about 3 common things you should never carry into an examination hall as it is capable of implicating you.

Below are the 3 things you should not carry along into an examination hall, no matter the situation.

1. Mobile Phone. One of the things you should never carry along into an examination hall is your mobile phone. This is because, it is against the ethics guiding any examination hall in the university as students are capable of cheating with their mobile phone.

2. Textbooks related to the subject. Another thing one should not carry along into an examination hall, is a text book that is related to that particular subject you are writing it's exams that very day.

Generally, it is not adviseable for students to enter an examination hall with textbooks, talk more of textbooks related to the the subject.

3. Pieces of papers. Lastly, students should not go into an examination with a piece of paper even if the subject they want to write that particular day involves calculation, as the school management will definitely make provision for any form of papers needed for calculation.

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