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Secondary Education


Secondary school life vs University life: The things that change when you enter University

Schooling can be very interesting and at the same time stressful and filled with different experiences as we graduate from one level to another. From Primary school to Secondary School, everything is done for us basically by our parents but in the university,we tend to do things ourselves.

Secondary School Life

- Classes start by 7am so we have to wake up very early.

- We have morning assembly or class assembly and we are made to stand accordingly.

- Classes are taught in detail.

- We have a specific place to sit in the classroom. That is our permanent seat throughout that class.

- We have a well outlined timetable which the teachers are to follow strictly.

- We have to greet every teacher a particular way; some bang their lockers and benches.

- We have specific books for specific subjects.

- There are 3 terms in a particular class and school fees are paid for each of the term.

However, as we graduate from secondary school to University, things take a different turn like...

University life

- Classes start by 8am

- Most of us live in hostels and lodges thereby catering for ourselves indirectly as opposed to secondary school.

- We have a book for every lecture.

- Classes are taught as points and not to the core

- Classes are irregular and timetables are not truly followed.

- There are just two semesters in a year and school fees are paid yearly.

- We have fellowships in school

- People are more relaxed because nobody tells them what to do every time. They follow any path that they like. This makes it easy for them to join bad gangs.

- We have a lecture hall and people can sit as they like.

- Textbooks are bought and sometimes used for that course you are studying.

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