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Opinion: Three reasons why you should get your international passport ready as a student

You wouldn't know how useful it is to get it ready until the opportunity comes and slips by you.

Some applications you will come across are time-bound and also processing the passport may take time, and if unfortunate, that's the end.

You might be wondering what the use of the international passport is to you at this level. Let me tell you, it's paramount in many areas which I will talk about here.

Note that it takes five years for an international passport to expire from the date issued.

International passport can serve as a replacement for any other form of identity card or documents. When applying for a job or grants depending on the demand. It can be listed as one of the documents that can be uploaded or in place of another.

Another important aspect is scholarship. No one would want to miss this aspect.

 During the covid-19 lockdown last year at the immigration office, we almost gave up renewing an international passport since the deadline for the scholarship was acute and also not expecting it to come by that time and coupled with the delay at the immigration office.

It only took the intervention of one of the Vice-Chancellors of a public university who made a call that he heard some students of a particular institution were processing their passport. That they should be attended to promptly. 

That's how we escaped the deadline.

Another man who was also there with us never gave up but was awaiting his international passport already had past the deadline for the job he applied for in France after doing his postgraduate studies here in Nigeria.

He was lucky that his own was also processed.

Like the man above, you might be fortunate that you get a job in the overseas which you applied for while you were an undergraduate or doing postgraduate studies. The time to provide the necessary documents in which the passport is one of them might be sudden. This is another important aspect you have to get ready for.

Students who would like to travel out as tourists during their break also need to get it ready. 

Those who have prospects beyond the shores of Nigeria are equally advised to get it ready as you might not know when you need it.

Many students have lost one or two opportunities because they were not able to provide it at the stipulated time.

You never know when you would need the passport, get it ready to beat any deadline that requires it!

Good luck!

Content created and supplied by: Taiyemm (via Opera News )


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