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Parents and children relationship in Africa

Online the western states, many Africans believe in traditional upbringing of their children. This is affecting the social development of the children in respect to their, academic and other social affairs.

There are rare occasions in the African settings where the children are being given the privilege to express their ideas on said matters or certain discussion. The adage "what an old man sees sitting down, a young man even if he climbs the tallest tree around he can never see it"

Children should be given the privilege to express their intelligent quotients in response to the society and also in line with the changes in their environment 🙏

The ideology of shutting the children up should end.

“Why are African parents so strict, no matter where in the world they live?”

Or who ever they are. I am mixed race and had been equally exposed to both cultures both within family and out. I am also pretty much well educated.

I chose the African way of parenting. This believe became stronger after I lived for extended period in the UK.

The elements of African parenting are.

I am the parent and I know what is good for you better than you. No further debate.

I am much older and I know what is good for you. End of conversation.

I am older and you will respect me and that is final

Anyone older than you has to be respected. If you do not respect them, you give the family a bad name.

The family name is more important than one person. Please do not make me choose.

As I grew, I realised that I am who I am because my father was older and knew better than I did. He was able to guide me in the right direction.

At every point of my life where there was a turning point. There he was, making it happen his way.

Here is an example. When I finished secondary school, my results were ok to do economics and geography. However not what was needed for medicine. He looked at my results and asked. “So do you still want to be a doctor?”

I said yes and no further opinion was asked of me. I ended up in a federal secondary school as a boarder 300km from home. And TWO years of my education rolled back.

We like what we see in Africa, and hate what we see in Europe. Making us more strict while we are in “Liberal” societies. I have a friend who is Catholic and started going to Nigerian Pentecostal church. His reason was. How else is he going to make his kids (especially daughter) behave?

When you walk down a street in Africa (West Africa is where I can speak for) Everyone younger than you, respects you. If you tell them to keep quiet they do so. They will address you with Sir/Madam or the tribal equivalent of that.

In the UK it is different. Adults fear the young. On several occasions I had witness bad behaved children calling adults paedophiles and threatening to report them. The Adults slowly back away.

Teachers are held as lords in schools. If in Africa the teacher punishes you. You hope your parents do not find out or it will be round 2 for you. In the UK the teachers fear not only the parents but the children too.

Child protection had gone mad there. While they rightfully try to protect children, it has become an issue of every adult is a paedophile and abuser until proven otherwise. Destroying family. Yes I had witness parents shaking with fear after a child falls and injures themselves. Because last time their kids were wrongfully taken away from them and returned over a year after the court ordered their return.

The kids see this and use it as a weapon.

As a result the family and society in the UK is falling apart.

Our actions are to preserve our families, and guide our children in the right direction.

The Indian sub continent has similar family values and strict up bringing.

Maybe that is why the first generation Britons of African and Asian descent are more likely to have a degree in Europe than the rest.

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