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Students protest for the reopening of schools on twitter

So some groups of unreasonable students have decided to protest on twitter for the reopening of schools, this is uncalled for I understand we are all at home and are quite bored but it is not safe for schools to resume at all. Here are my reasons:

Unavailable accomodation space 

We all know that if the schools are to resume then the hostels will need to be refurnished or more hostels built, I say this because if the hostels are choked the virus will spread faster.

 Unavailable lectures halls 

We all know that when it comes to the Nigerian acamdeic system they are alot of issues, lecture halls aren’t spacious enough to accommodate students and also practice social distancing

Poor social distancing mechanism 

For students to resume a mechanism is needed to be set up so that they can practice social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus.

Hand washing and sanitizing spots

For schools to resume spots need to be made so that students can wash their hands easily.

Now after all these reasons do you still want to resume? Benue State University was opened for staffs just for a week the VC(Vice chancellor), DVC(deputy vice chancellor) and other staffs got infected, worst part is the deputy vice chancellor died as a result of this deadly virus.

Lets stay safe until a vaccine or a possible cure is approved.

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Benue State University DVC( Nigerian VC(


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