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Brain Test: See These 38 English Words You Can Create From The Word "HERITAGE."

We learn every blessed day. An adage said, the day you stop learning, that's the day you will start dying. No knowledge has been considered to be useless, a waste or inefficiency because if you don't make use of your knowledge today, you can still make use of it tomorrow. There are huge advantages in learning. Check below, some powerful words I discovered that can be formed out from the word "HERITAGE."

1) Age.

2) Heat.

3) Heart.

4) Gate.

5) Rite.

6) Her.

7) Tea.

8) Eat.

9) It.

10) Rage.

11) Tag.

12) Ear.

13) Gear.

14) At.

15) Rat.

16) Rate.

17) Air.

18) Get.

19) Rita

20) Ate

21) Get.

22) Right.

23) Tire.

24) Threat.

25) Hit.

26) Hair.

27) Grate.

28) Tiger.

29) Hire.

30) Tie.

31) Eage.

32) Art.

33) Era.

34) Hat.

35) Retag.

36) Here.

37) Their.

38) There.

39) Gat.

40) Ret.

Education is powerful, it can make you create words and idea from places you didn't original imagine could be possible. There are some other words you can form out of the word "HERITAGE", so test your brain and see how far you can go with the test.

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Kindly add your own words from the word HERITAGE using the comment section below.

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