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Your Opinion: Should Students be Allowed to Speak Vernacular (Native Language) in Schools.

The British Colonization in Africa and specifically in Nigeria made a lot of Nigerians to discard their own dialect. In times past, Nigerians were distinguished by their native languages which were mainly Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa amongst others.

As civilization came, people now frown whenever one speaks his native language in a group or gathering as the person is tagged "backward" or not polished. In a bid to sound polish, a lot of Families even failed to inculcate that in their children at a tender age and as a result when they grow up and visit home, they become the ridicule of their peers.

It is to note that speaking your language identifies who you are and also portrays your unique culture wherever you find yourself. English language is a British language and was adopted by Nigerians during colonization. 

However we are now independent and should embrace our culture more. In my opinion it should be added as one of the indigenous languages studied in school so as to inculcate it in the young ones. Furthermore parents should do better by teaching their children their dialects and not leaving it all for the teachers.

What are your suggestions?

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