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The need for compulsory education in Nigeria

Education is a longtime learning activity aimed at preparing individual for a variety. Education builds the mind through learning at schools, colleges and universities. Knowledge cannot come to a person without been taught, therefore, education is the act of being learning through teaching. So, there is need for Nigerians to be educated.

Education is a tool or weapon to developed nations; in fact, without knowledge people cannot know the right thing at the right time and if this is the case it will be difficult for anybody to contribute to the development of any country. If someone is taught the basic skills to make inventions at a time, he will have the dream to make it come to pass and this will be so.

Education in Nigeria should be made compulsory because it will regain our lost glory for us as a nation. If one is been taught with past events and how some benefits elude us due to the events so we can easily know the next step to take.

Furthermore, ignorant is a curse which is cured by been educated. Though, it may demand for time, money and self-sacrifice before been an intelligent person. One needs to endure in other to eradicate ignorant.

Above all, no man grows physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually without been educated. For physical growth, a baby is been taught how to use his or her hands and legs before putting them to practice. In the same vein, a man cannot grow emotionally excepts he is been taught the right way of feelings such as response to sadness, joy, happiness and sorrow.

Lastly, a man cannot prove that he is strong spiritually except he is been taught the book of God. Even if it is tradition, a man has to be taught some incantations and some process to be initiated to the spiritual realm.

Thank you.

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