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How To Succeed As A Student In The University

The university is a place where many dreams are made or marred. It is like a bridge between dreams and realities. Many people struggle to enter into the university, and when they see their names on the admission list, they get excited. Sooner than the lecture began many are already feeling the heat of the school. The weak faints and drops out of school. Some cannot face the academic challenges that they met. How do you succeed in the university?

1. Know why you are there: You have to ask yourself what brought you to the school? Some go to the university because they want to leave the claws of their parents. Some go to the university because their friends are going too. Are you there to learn something and become useful or you are there just for fun? If you know why you are there, then you can be truly prepared to do what it takes to succeed.

2. Be acquainted with the school settings: You have to know what your school requires of you. Know your head of department, your course adviser, security and other things. How does the school handle their lectures? How do you enter into the good book of the lecturers? What are the rules of the school that every student must obey? These things make you know the strategies you can apply to succeed.

3. Have a well planned timetable: Timetable for a student is like a budget in a company. It guides on when to do things like reading, lectures, sleep and even play. Make sure it is well planned and favourable to you.

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses: There are some courses that you can learn within a short time and there are other courses that you will need much time and sometimes supervision to survive. Are you a person that loves courses with calculations more than those without none? Do you assimilate when you read at night or during the day? Do you enjoy reading alone or with a group?

5. Put fun time aside: There are many funs that will happen in the school, friends will invite you to many parties, reason well before you decide to go to any one.

6. Choose your friends wisely: Some friends are just there to divert your attention from the goal, some will be there to help you achieve your goal. Choose the right one and don't hesitate to discard the wrong ones.

7. Attend tutorials: There are some courses that you may not be able to do on your own. You will need extra help. This is where tutorials are important.

8. Don't give up

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