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Re-Open our Schools, we are Running out patience.

Re-Open our Schools, we are Running out patience.

 SUG, OSSCE-ILA sends a signal to the Federal Government.

Student Union Government, Osun State College of Education, Ila-Orangun, has come out openly through the media to express their grievances as a result of recent happenings in the country and also to pour out their minds on the need for immediate resumption of all institutions.

 A Clarion Call to All Nigerian Students’ and a Warning to the Federal Government and all concerned.



Nigeria locked down all her tertiary institutions several months ago, with the hope of curtailing the spread of the novel virus from the ‘ab-initio’ and ‘supposedly’ for the safety of every Nigerian.

 -If Uwa, Vera, and Baraka were in school, maybe the tables would have turned and death from violent sex wouldn’t have been their lot.

You all can proudly justify by saying “what is the lives of Three students compared to the safety of millions?

Then give an answer, why must Edo and Ondo Election & campaign hold if you really care for these millions?

America is busy planning an online election, why can’t you?

We’ve passed messages across to the Government, times without number to ensure that facilities for online lectures are met and like countries like Germany, we can also receive lectures from home.

 The message of The Letter

As a body, we’ve taken our stand to come out openly, in every way, against all odds and stand strong for the image we are representing. The great students of our institution.

 We cease to be anyone’s political propaganda, and our lives are worth more than a group of persons ‘wealth amassing’ strategy.

On this note, we as a body, are ready to use the third Aluta key, and with our United voice, we stand as an unshaken Government on our own.

Nigerian Students’ are now proud CEO of businesses that can’t even fetch them ‘five thousand naira’ in a day, 4million + N-Power entries is unbearable for our Government. COVID takes two weeks to Manifest, Hunger takes less than three days

To be as straight forward as possible, we stand to announce, agitate and warn all concerned Authorities that our silence is not timidity and our fragility over the months had been nothing but humility.

It’s time to show our rigidity and end this ‘selfish malady’

 Hence, our schools must be re-opened fully for academic activities on or before 14th September 2020.

Fly if you must, Run if you must, walk if you must, cease sleep if you must. Nigerian Students’ and great OSSCELITES, it is time to show support for your union, and let’s raise our voice physically and through online rallies.

 Our message is clear, our motive is simple. Re-Open our schools while we are still giving you a date.

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