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Employment: No More Age Barrier For Graduate Employment (Opinion)

Getting a job in this country is getting tougher by the day and unemployment rate keeps increasing. In spite of that, organizations are making life more difficult for unemployed fresh and recent graduates by placing age limit on available jobs, which is usually between 24 and 28 years.

Many Nigerian graduates can no longer apply for their dream jobs due to the age limit placed on such jobs. This is common to most top corporations especially multinational companies (MNCs).

This age limit policies of private organizations and some ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) is gradually killing the dreams of Nigerian graduates. For instance, in a situation whereby a person has a dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant in order to be able to work in one of the Big Four (PwC, KPMG, EY and Deloitte) and then went through the pains of schooling right from nursery to the university. Then graduated in flying colors at probably 27 years and then serve his fatherland for another one year. But could not achieve his dream due to age barrier. Just imagine how devastated such a person would be!

Now, Nigerian graduates are being turned into a laughing stock because we don't have anything to boast of. Illiterates are now mocking us because they are better off. "Upon all the Cambridge you read, you are still jobless and unsuccessful", is what they say to us everyday.

Therefore, the Federal Government of Nigeria should please intervene in this issue with immediate effect, because education is gradually losing its value in the country. Graduates who are supposed to be seen as role models by young citizens seeking academic progress and a better tomorrow are now seen as a deterrent, which is not supposed to be.

On behalf of all Nigerian graduates and graduates-to-be, I beg the Federal Government of Nigeria to swing into action and do something about the issue of age limit on employment in both the private and public sectors before things will get out of hand.

I also call on all students bodies in the country to raise this issue as soon as possible. Every Nigerian student and graduates should also share this article on necessary channels, e.g. social media, until it gets to the relevant authority.

Parents who want a better tomorrow for their children should also share this article on social media in order for the right authority to see it.

Together we will make Nigeria a better place to live, stay, and work.

Content created and supplied by: Geetee04 (via Opera News )

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