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See The Most Beautiful and Cleanest State in Nigeria - (FACT)

With this privilege, I will like to analyze on the most beautiful state in Nigeria as a Nation.

Nigeria is a Large Nation that it splits with 36 states. All the states is been endowed with its own natural resources and raw materials which aids the living of the citizens.

Talking on the Most beautiful state in Nigeria, it is quite assure that the most beautiful and cleanest state in Nigeria is AKWA IBOM STATE.

This states is Comprises of 31 Local Government Areas. Which UYO is it Central.

It Total Land Area is about 7,249sqkms which makes it the 10th largest state in Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom State is Blessed with Natural Endowments Of difference aspects. Which CRUDE OIL is the most Priority.

Some people called this state "Small London in Nigeria"

Akwa Ibom state is said to be the most cleanest state because of it decent operations , the concepts of living, the population, Education and behavior of people living there.

Decency: Akwa Ibom people are every decent to the core.They maintain decent dress , decent environment.

Before they said "Akwa Ibom Ayaiya", My Brother.....its not a joke.

Concept of Living: The concepts in which Akwa ibom people lives is very simple and clear. No criticizing , no hatred.....wether an indigene or a stranger. They welcome you peacefully.

Population: It is much assure that population always contribute to the filthy and dirtiness of an environment. Akwa ibom is a state with less population of over 5,000,000people as of 2019. Which maintain its environmental perfection.

Education: Though Akwa Ibom state mightn't be the most Educated state in Nigeria, but it follows in the First 5 Educated state in the country as they have all the Standard Educational Establishment ( Learning Enhance system: Primary and Tertiary Institutions) and also E-Library Learning system.

People's Behavior: Talking about people's behavior, Akwa Ibom state is said to be the most calming state for living in Nigeria. No violence, No war. So many people from other state even the foreign countries feel safe residing in the state.

Comparing their Roads And Traffic System with other states in the country, Akwa Ibom is the Best of all. Their Government make it of the best commitment to offer the state Good road and safe secure system of living.

Due to the TOURISM aspect endowed in the state, they are very open to cultural heritage and good lifestyle which drives other people into the state to have fun as well.

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