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How To Study For Long Hours Without Getting Tired And Fatigue

Students all around the world usually have difficulty studying for long period of time, and a good number of them want to actually study for a long, because reading for long hours helps students to heighten and solidify their knowledge in a particular course/subject.

The importance of studying for long hours can never be over emphasized ,there is something you must know and that's, different individuals have varying degrees of understanding, a student A may need to study for 6hrs to fully comprehend a topic while another student B needs study for 3hrs and a student C just an hour. So you can see that all these students are smart, but they all know what works best for them and this is key, you need to know where and how you work best. 

So ask yourself, Where do I work best ?.

Knowing where and how you work best is the first step you must take in achieving this, next is maximum utilization of time, you need to change your haphazard behavior towards time, let every second of yours in a day be accounted for. 

The next step is to make a timetable which suits you best, it should involve a reading period of at least 8hrs during each weekday and 10hrs during the weekends.

The final thing to do is to get a timer, wrist watch, phone or stopwatch, which you will use to calculate the length of time you spent reading each day and record it in a book, so you can easily evaluate if you are improving or declining. 

If you follow all these instructions strictly you will gradually notice that your body would have grown a very endurance for studying for long hours and this will ultimately make you a greater student.

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