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Engineering and it's aim to transform the world.

It is no doubt that engineering as a profession is one of the best professional course that ever graced the world,before a move further i will like you to get an insight about engineering.

Engineering is a branch of science and technology that is concerned with the design,building,and uses of engines,machines and structures,and with no doubt we all see the works of engineers in our daily life.

Engineering in one way or the other is revolving technology to another level,some people will say engineering is the link to transformation. If a are to get a view about a country or Nation,we will admire it mostly by its structures which is a part of engineering,most nation's development are rendered in the infrastructural well being.

We have various types of engineering which are Civil,Mechanical,Chemical,Electrical,Geotechnical and lots more.

A friend of mine once asked me how important is Engineering,and i said it is so important that it links other parts of development together,like our doctor cannot work in the hospital if the Civil engineers don't build the hospital or our workers can't work without the light system which is constructed by the Electrical engineers.

So i can proudly say am an Engineer and the Engineering is still making it's way to transform the world.

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