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Three Reasons Why Teachers Shouldn't Be Underrated

In the country, one of the most underrated professions is the teaching profession, despite the efforts all plunged in, they seem to be considered less in the world of professions. Below are three reasons why the teaching profession should be appreciated more often and not underrated.

1. Teachers are the precursors of a great future: What you give in is what you take, as you can't plant a mango tree and expect to yield apples, so you can't implant wrong information and/or knowledge and expect to yield good and dedicated leaders who'll do everything for the betterment of the future. Teachers actually hold the responsibility of transferring information to the next generation, and whatever information is passed to them remains with them, as such, teachers have the ability to make good or bad people in the society.

2. Teachers serve as second parents to students: Although limited, teachers still perform some parenting tasks on students. They advise the students as parents will do, instructing them on values and helping them to unlock their potentials in the process, helping them to reach and break limits they never thought they could attain. Also, some teachers go as far as helping students who suffer psychologically who aren't able to achieve their goals due to certain reasons. These qualities are only seen in parents and teachers.

3. Teachers are selfless: Working for 8 hours and extra, coordinating students, dispensing knowledge which others find difficult to pass on, staying up late to assess and make lecture plans, that's a definition of selflessness. They work tirelessly behind limited deadlines just to bring out the best in students paying little to no attention to themselves just to make sure the best knowledge is passed in the best way.

In conclusion, I think teachers should be taken more seriously in society, and they should be appreciated more often.

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