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Things to consider when choosing a career

Growing up one of the major decisions you will have to make is choosing a career for yourself. Some people prefer seeking counsel from career counselors while others just take after their parents or mentors, but career choice is strictly an individual decision because you will definitely face challenges in the cause of attaining your career and the only motivation will be the fact that it was your decision. In choosing a career consider the following :

1. Your strength and passion.

So many people who are making it in today world are doing so because they are in an area of life where they are passionate about, so understand where you fit in and what you can do stresslesly and happily without supervision.

2. Choose a career that is selling (Has prospect)

There is no need taking on a career that os fading out, simply because it simple or easy to pas through. The world is moving and you have to consider the prospect of your career in years to come so you don't end up in regret.

3. Get a practical skills related to your choosen career.

Take for instance someone studying Electrical Engineering, can acquire practical knowledge about Electrical repairs and maintenance before taking up a career in Electrical Engineering. It will give you a better understanding of the field and put you at an advantage among others.

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