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Covid-19: Why Federal Government Should Reopen Schools Next Month

The five months closure of academic institutions, particularly the higher institutions ( Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education) has created a big set back, not only in the academic activities of students, but also on their future. 

Many students in the higher institutions across the country are in various levels of academic journey, with the hope of completing school soon and plan what to do with their future before the unexpected turn of event. Also considering the financial, physical and psychological burden of students, adding the issue of their house rents which has been wasted in these past months. How are they going to pay their landlords again?

It is therefore imperative for Federal Government to do something to save students from the nleak future facing them, rather than jeopardizing the situation for them.

I am using this piece to point out why the Federal Government should reopen schools, particularly the higher institutions latest on August. The reasons are as enumerated below;

Firstly, if schools are reopened next month particularly the higher institutions, there is a possibility that schools can catch up with academic activities and complete the academic year. Let's assume that schools Reopened next month, students can start from where they stopped in the first semester. Lecture will run from Aug 6th to 20th while first semester exam starts from 25th through 13th September. Then second semester will begin from 20th September to December bringing the 2020 academic year to an end.

Secondly, leaving an entire academic year to waste will create difficulties with the new applicants who applied for the 2020/2021 admissions into higher academic institutions. Are they to be joined in the same class and level with 2019/2020 students? That will be the first confusion to confront managements of higher institutions in the country.

I hereby appeal to the Federal Government to listen to the voice of the students and citizens and do the needful to avert the disaster facing our academic institutions. Also a favourable decision by the government will eliminate any planned prostest by the various student bodies across the country.

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