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Secondary Education


Opinion: Reasons Why Age 12 is not The best for A Child to Enter Secondary School

Regardless of the National survey and what the Commissioner Lagos State Ministry of Education in the person of Mrs Folasade Adefisayo has stated, age 12 is not the best age to get a child into secondary school.

The truth of the matter is that there is no best age for anything and education is not an exception. From the time a child is born, they begin to show signs of either fast or slow understanding. This includes the quickness at which they learn to walk, talk sensibly, remember patterns, colors and textures. The quicker a child does the things mentioned above, the quicker they should be put in a school.

Moreover, kids that turn out to become geniuses were fast learners right from when they were born. This however means that they get into school early. This geniuses needs accelerated learning process because of their mental capabilities and should not be stunted with a process that will want to slow them down.

Example of such kid is Joshua Beckford, the boy accepted at Oxford University at the age of 6 and graduated at the age of 14.

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