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Npower grants an applicant opportunity of 4th Attempt in the ongoing Npower test-See how it happened

Hello my dear readers, I am here again. I must not let any useful information, regarding the ongoing Npower test flip off my hands without sharing them with you.

It's no news that the ongoing Npower test has a three attempts opportunity. In the cause of my previous articles, I was perturbed by some of you my readers over your complaints on poor performance.

Some of you asked me way forward based on their poor scores. Others also testify how they were able to achieve good scores. Some subsequently applied my suggestion on how to retake test if sensing the present attempt could not yield good score.

Now, this particular article is on how an applicant was able to secure a fourth attempts after haven exhausted the 1st, 2nd and 3rd attempts.

The reason I decided to share this with you guys is because some applicants do have this problem of submission after writing test. As a result of this, some are compelled to opting for either 2nd attempt or 3rd attempt despite performing well in their previous experience just in order to be able to submit their test.

They do this in order to access the submission stage following the network problem that may have hindered them from submitting.

This unfortunate occurrence lingers till the final 3rd attempt where the applicant's account will be blocked from writing test again because the third (3rd) attempts has been exhausted.

The result will be that such applicant will be automatically screened out for skipping test.

In case you fell under this category, there is hope for you. Hurry now and send a mail to volunteersupport, in the mail, include your nasim ID. Your nasim ID is e.g: NPWR- 0000000123456.

In the mail, state your complaints therein and Npower handlers will respond to you, acknowledging your complaint, and granting you the opportunity to retake your test for the fourth time.

I was able to discover this in the cause of my research. Below is the screenshot of an applicant by name Udeme Akpan, who had similar problem, sent a mail, and was granted a 4th attempt opportunity. See below 👇

Thanks for reading.

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