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An Open Letter To Gov Elrufai Concerning The Spate Of Abduction In Schools With Solutions To Curb It

Dear Gov Elrufai,

I'm writing this letter to you as a concerned student schooling in Kaduna state. Recently, tertiary institutions in the state have been facing insecurity challenges from unknown bandits - the recent attack was that of Greenfield University located along Kaduna - Abuja Expressway where students were reportedly abducted weeks after some other students were abducted in Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Kaduna.

Students in various Institutions of learning across the state are now panicking as they don't know which school will be the next to fall prey to the clutches of these evil men. Though our Security Personnel has been trying their best to curtail the menace of banditry, I suggest the following measures should be taken to avoid further invasion of schools.

(1) School Security men should be armed with guns.

School securities are usually poorly armed making them vulnerable when this gunmen strike. Instead of arming them with just sticks and knives, guns should also be given to the security men on the night shift to help keep students safe.

A well-armed security man will pose a serious threat to bandits planning to invade the school.

(2) School campuses should be well lit.

Crimes are best perpetrated in darkness - a well-lit surrounding will hamper the activities of criminals. Though electric supply in the country is unreliable, solar lights can be placed across schools to help the security men have a view of what is going on from afar.

(3) Vehicles and motorcycles should be restricted from entering and leaving school campuses at night.

Bandits are known to always attack with vehicles and motorcycles - school securities should be charged with the responsibility of restricting vehicular movement in and out of campuses to help prevent criminals from gaining access.

(4) Security should always ask for proper identification before allowing anyone to gain access to the school campus.

To curb insecurity in schools, those entering school campuses must identify themselves and state their reasons for visitation if they ain't staff nor students of the institution. Allowing unidentified persons into schools can pose a serious threat to security, making schools porous to attack by criminals.

(5) School securities should be motivated.

Security men guarding schools should be motivated with better pay and bonuses for capturing any unscrupulous element. If the school securities are well motivated, they will do their jobs with more enthusiasm thereby increasing their productivity.

As a responsible citizen of Kaduna state, I'm optimistic that the spate of abduction in schools will be drastically reduced if the aforementioned measures are put in place.

What do you think of this open letter to Elrufai?

Share your thoughts with us and share this article till it gets to Gov Elrufai.

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