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In Spite Global Recession, Hon. Oforji Oboku Priotizes Education, Embarks on Primary School Project

Compiled by: Izibetome Olisah Egbo

Today, the18th of July, 2020, the Honourable Member representing the fabulous and dignified Epie-Atissa people of YELGA Constituency 1 in the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Hon. Oforji Abonsizibe Oboku visited Obogoro Community in Yenagoa Local Government Area for the block laying of the Modern Primary School he promised them two weeks ago.

Getting to the premises of the old dilapidated school building that is 98% washed off by erosion, the Honourable Member almost wept for the Obogoro people.

Recounting their ordeal, the Paramount ruler of the Obogoro Community His Highness (Chief) Monday Theophilus Igodo ascerted that the primary school building had suffered from the grips of erosion since 2018, and that, since then, the community had written several letters of intervention to the state government, Ministry of Environment, Office of the Federal Representative of the Constituency, and even the Federalgovernment, all which fell on deaf ears. And that, since 2018, which was two years ago, the pupils of the school had not gotten access to conducive learning environment.

On listening the ordeals of the pupils, and seeing how gravely the effect of the erosion had disorganized them, the emotional and passionate Hon. Oforji Abonsizibe Oboku could not help but reverse the statement he had made Yesterday 17th July, 2020, to the Yenebebeli delegation that had come to perform their annual appreciation ritual, in reciprocation to the light and road project he executed for the since 2018.

In his (Oforji Oboku) statement, the Civilian General, as he is fondly called, had categorically briefed the delegation of his intentions to swiftly complete the Primary School Building project in Four Months time. But passionately, as he visited the premises of the eroded school building, and seeing how deserted the pupils and staff of the school ware, he immediately consulted with his family and stakeholders of his Constituency, which were fully on ground, and amazingly, instead of four months, the emotional Hon. Oforji Abonsizibe Oboku declared that the project will be completed and handed over to the Obogoro Community people in Two Months time.

The State Lawmaker noted that although there is global recession as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, he would do whatever it will take to ensure the completion of the project; even if it will make him indebted.

According to Hon. Oforji Abonsizibe Oboku, the pupils must resume school in a serene environment because he will not play politics with the education of his people. He also noted that in order for the Epie-Atissa people to move forward, education of the young ones must be prioritized, hence the motivation for this project.

High points of the block laying ceremony was presentation of live stocks and other items to Hon. Oforji Abonsizibe Oboku by the loving women of Obogoro town, the good people of Obogoro town also showered Encomium on the Honourable Member for his kindness towards them.

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