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School Resumption: How to stay focus on your studies when schools finally resume.

Many people has lost focus due to the long Covid-19 break and strike we got.

A lot if not all can't even remember what they were thought in the last lecture before the break.

But, don't worry because am going to teach you how to stay focus on your studies and regain all the knowledge you have lost during the break.

If you really want to stay focus on your studies you need to be determined, because if you are not determined you may not even do all am going to tell you. So, have the determination that you want to stay focus on your studies. Then do these.

1. Delete all the distracting videos from your phone or Laptop: A lot of people want to study but they are most time being distracted by the comedies and movies they have on phone. If you know there are videos that do distract you from studying, delete them immediately.

2. Collect PDF, Lecture notes, Past exam/test question papers and study: I advise you to collect PDF document of some handout that you were given in school, collect them from your friends, instead of using all the time to watch film, read this handouts.

And also collect past question papers from your school seniors and study them, because most exam/test questions are taking from the past exam/test questions. So, collect them and study them. Meet your seniors to explain the ones you don't understand to you and also make sure you listen to them attentively.

2. Avoid unnecessary hangout: Those time you are hanging out with friends, moving from one play station to the other, or from one swimming pool to the other; you should have use that time to study.

Their is time for everything, don't joke with your time. Study now and enjoy tomorrow.

As you will go back to school I wish you good luck.

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