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Schools should reopen Nationwide for Nigerian students to write their WASSCE - My opinion

Nigerian students should write their WASSCE immediately – My Opinion

Just earlier this month of July the federal government of Nigeria declared that the Nigerian SS 3 students would not be writing their exams. This news as it became a killjoy was as expected not palatable for students who had been burning midnight candles in preparation for their exams. Though their arguments were legit, some certainties however might make it void.

It is true that the pandemic had adversely affected the circle at which things run. No conflicting thoughts as the pinching effects we’ve continue to feel in our pockets tells us. The sound from our stomachs is irritatingly louder. And even this monster called covid is unwilling to retreat.

But as our truth stare at us in our eyes, the realization of this situation becoming the new normal should be taken. From the lockdown to the partial lifting, the inactivity of Nigeria’s school age youths has now the trend. Even as the government claim to solve it by employing technology, one wonders if all has access to it.

Furthermore, postponing the exams of especially the SS 3 ones results to the automatic extension and tilting of the school system. Read this scenario carefully;

“In case where the SS 3 students take the exams for an instance later in the year or next year, the possibility of gaining admission for those (of them) that enrolled for jamb is shattered, as they’d liklye miss the post-jamb screening. Apart from that, the newly matriculated 100 level university students haven’t gotten into the system fully may mean a break for this year jamb candidates that have their SSCE already. This may result to this year’s SSCE candidates waiting for the two 100 level undergraduates (when this year jamb candidates that have their SSCE matriculates) before their turn. More load for JAMB and they lose approximately 2 years.”

Adamu Adamu, Education Minister

More so, a little peep at what taking the rounds at the global level shows Nigeria is likely to get more backwards. The countries that shut down their schools indefinitely had done something the Nigerian government is not capable of doing. The schools in America and some other countries they copied have taken their exams online after they had taken school lessons via the internet. 

It is rather appalling to suspend an exam for Nigeria’s future and plan for the event of the upcoming elections. If they were fearing for the spike in corona virus cases, what about the elections. Are they not involving people too? 

Even though the school system can’t be immediately restored, the final year students should be allowed to take their exams, most especially the ones at SSCE level. This is very simple. The tension they are facing from their home and society can easily derail and discourage them from their education. Not just that, many of the female folks are at greater risk. They are either being married or impregnated thus putting an abrupt end to their education. The SSCE should not be deprived from anybody as it is a pathway to a brighter future of opportunities.

Minister of state for Education

In conclusion, if the fear of a spike is really the challenge, I think this is an effective solution. Once the final year students are out, there are more spaces for shift education. Consider the lives and future of the final year students especially the ones at SS3. Preparations are also simple. Water everywhere, sanitizer, bush clearing and fumigation. Remember that as we greatly do not want a spike in the numbers of corona virus cases, same is the case of insurgency. Also remember that an idle hand could become the tools of Satan.

Do you agree with my opinion, if no kindly comment yours. I'd appreciate!

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