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N-Power: Important information for all Batch C prospective volunteers

The purpose of this article is to teach future Group C volunteers what they need to know and how to prepare for the next phase of training. That is why I encourage you to read carefully to the end.

Earlier, Minister of Human Rights Sadia Omar Farouk said the ministry closed the registration of lot C with a record 5,042,001.

Do not forget that the Minister made sure that only candidates are qualified.

"Once we are past the election stage, the ministry will do the necessary research to make sure only qualified candidates are accepted ..." he said.

While you wait for the Ministry's next step in the program, I suggest you note the following.

1. Be sure to remember the phone number used during the registration exercise to protect your email. Email and password: this is necessary because you need this information every time you want to do something on the Npower portal. In fact, you need it until the day the program leaves.

2. The next thing I will tell you are the different stages you will go through before you can become an honest beneficiary of Npower.

a) The first step is to save (what you did before). Of course, registration is always open to anyone interested.

b) The second stage is the pre-election stage. Preference will generally be given to all successful candidates who meet the application requirements. Power is chosen by as many people as possible. You will be notified by SMS or e-mail.

c) The only exercise that follows the pre-selection is a web-based selection test. The test consists of about 15-20 questions in English, a general journal and other topics, depending on your application. Please note that you will only be given one chance to visit the test site, you will be answered in a timely manner. When the time comes, the exam is over. That's why you need to properly prepare for the exam, as it will help determine your success. Remember that more than five million (500,000) people have applied for the program, but in the end only four hundred thousand (400,000) volunteers will be selected. This way you need to get a test result of up to 70%.

d) If you pass the test, you will be sent a congratulatory message via SMS or post. Something like that.

In this case, you must visit your dashboard to confirm the BVN.

e) After the election և The next thing to expect after confirming the BVN is an invitation to a physical exam. The text of the invitation informs the local authorities that you need to check. This is the first time you have met with the local authority (registered) one by one. The rationale is that your credentials meet the requirements of the program. In this case, some people who do not have the required documents may refuse.

f) After successful verification, your name will likely make a final list. Here is a final list of the names of those who will receive a meeting letter containing your main task (PPA). Once the PBGB administrator has properly signed and sealed it, you will need to scan the message and upload it to your desktop. In this case, your status will change from "Approved" to "Incoming". Then it's better to go. The next thing you need to do is wait for your retirement from the first month.

I wish you all successful sales, inspections, registration and "paid".

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