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True Value of Education

Many students today do not really know what the concept of Education is all about. This article will expose you to knowing the true concept of education. The types of education and the forms of education respectively.

First I will love to say this, education does not only transmit or transfer knowledge; it is far beyond that. Education is within us, within our society, family, worship centers, business places etc.

Therefore, it is now imperative to know what education as a concept is all about.

Education is the transmission of knowledge, values, morals, skills from one generation to another for the sustenance of the society.

This definition makes us to understand that education does not end in schools only, it does not end in getting knowledge only, education is far beyond that.

Education is mainly for the sustenance of the society. That is, education is all about gaining knowledge or skills to solve societal problems. The society today is faced with numerous problems, hence, education serves as a tool in solving those numerous problems. No wonder there are lot of disciplines or fields in tertiary institutions where students are required to use stipulated years in studying a particular course in other to solve the pressing problems in the society.

Education is the total effort of a community to improve their social, political, economic and moral standard of living.

Education is also seen as the aggregate of all the processeses by which a child develops the abilities, attitudes, capabilities and every other forms of behavior to the society he lives in.

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