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Check this out before you study any course in UNILAG, what every aspirant and student should know.

Year in, year out thousands of students apply for admission into UNILAG. Most of us wants to study big and marketable courses like MEDICINE, LAW, MASS COMMUNICATION, ECONOMICS ,PHARMACY, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING etc. The bitter truth is that only a handful of students get admitted into this courses while the majority are admitted into lesser courses.

It is a known fact that some courses are not recognized in Nigeria. It doesn't mean you can't succeed in this courses, but it all depends on you. Courses like medicine gets you automatic employment, you don't have to bother yourself about learning a skill in School. The rate of success in these courses are low except you learn some hot skills that are in high demand. The only hope you have is to work very hard and graduate with a first class or a strong second class upper.

If you are currently studying a course in UNILAG and you want to change course your course in 200L, then welcome on board. If peradventure you end up not getting your dream course as an aspirant, see what you need to do.

A lot of students are trapped in their current course due to misinformation. If it is your dream course or nothing then stay with me. People will surely tell you that you can change your course in 200L, just study any course they give you. Don't fall for it , l will shed more light on this later

There is no such thing as changing from a lower course to an higher course in UNILAG. Don't listen to anyone that tells you other wise.

The only legitimate form regarding this is the UNILAG inter/ intra faculty transfer for students and it costs 10,000 naira. The permissible area of transfer is stated below.

The only sure way to gain admission into UNILAG or change your course is through JAMB or JUPEB. Do not take any hasty decision that will lead to regrets later.

Kindly, like , comment, and share to as many UNILAG students and aspirants as possible. Thanks in advance.

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