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Learn something new: Here's the List of the 50 most common English Words and how to use these words


Okay, time to share the list! Remember that with these 50 words you’ll be able to ask people how they’re doing, tell them about your day and navigate everyday life situations like shopping and public transit. But also keep in mind that native-like fluency, among many other things, requires about 10,000 vocabulary words.

I also added some sentences as examples on how to use these English words. Check them out below. The- “The sky is blue.”be– “Will you be my friend?”

  1. be – “Will you be my friend?”
  2. and – “You and I will always be friends.”
  3. of – “Today is the first of November.”
  4. a – “I saw a bear today.”
  5. in – “She is in her room.”
  6. to – “Let’s go to the park.”
  7. have – “I have a few questions.”
  8. too – “I like her too.”
  9. it – “It is sunny outside.”
  10. I – “I really like it here.”
  11. that – “That door is open.”
  12. for – “This letter is for you.”
  13. you – “You are really nice.”
  14. he – “He is my brother.”
  15. with – “I want to go with you.”
  16. on – “I watch movies on my iPad.”
  17. do – “What will you do now?”
  18. say – “Can I say something?”
  19. this – “This is my favorite cookie.”
  20. they – “They are here!”
  21. at – “Can you pick me up at the mall?”
  22. but – “I’m sorry but she’s away.”
  23. we – “We are going to watch a movie.”
  24. his – “This is his box.”
  25. from – “This card came from my cousin.”
  26. that – “That’s a really cool trick!”
  27. not – “That’s not what I want.”
  28. can’t – “I can’t open it.”
  29. won’t – “I won’t open it.”
  30. by – “Will you come by and see me?”
  31. she – “She is very happy.”
  32. or – “Do you like blue or yellow?”
  33. as – “Her role as an English teacher is very important.”
  34. what – “What are you thinking of?”
  35. go – “I want to go there.”
  36. their – “This is their house.”
  37. can – “What can I do for you?”
  38. who – “Who can help me?”
  39. get – “Can you get me my eyeglasses?”
  40. if – “What if I fail?”
  41. would – “Would you help me out?”
  42. her – “I have her book.”
  43. all – “All my favorite books are on this shelf.”
  44. my – “My mom is coming to visit.”
  45. make – “Can we make our projects together?”
  46. about – “What is this movie about?”
  47. know – “Do you know where this place is?”
  48. will – “I will help you find that place.”
  49. as – “As soon as she’s here, I’ll talk to her.”
  50. up – “I live up in the mountains.”

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