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See What Little Students Did For Their Teacher After She Lost Her Husband

Losing people can be really painful, and it is even more painful when you lose someone you are in love with. Although, some people have experienced this horrible incident, fortunately others have not. But the painful truth is that, almost everyone is going to experience this life sadness, only that we get to experience it at different times and phases of our lives.

And that is why I am bringing the story of one Twitter user, 'Melissa Milner', who lost her husband to the cold hands of death recently. However, what her students did for her really melted her heart. The school teacher came online to Twitter to show the world the drawing one of her young students made to console her.

Check the drawing and caption below.The photo above must have given the teacher a lot of comfort, understanding that a little child understands her pain and could come up with the most beautiful hand drawing she could easily connect to in her time of grief. Sometimes, we believe that children do not understand our pain, but the truth is that, they do. We as adults often believe that these little lovely God's creation are too little to process what feeling they have at a particular time. But I got to realise how these young children connect to the pain and agony of an adult.

For example, the teacher above, who lost her husband must have thought that she had hidden her sad nature from the children (her students), but one thing she did not know is that children can easily detect that you are sad, since they always want to be happy, and when you stop making them happy, they easily find out that something is wrong, and they always find their way around it to know what is wrong by asking questions around. We think little of these kids, because we believe that they are still young, but we are very wrong.

The actions of the student who made the drawing above, generated a lot of reactions online. Check the reactions below.

However, I pray that God give us and our loved ones long life, so that we will not have to cry at the wrong time. And may God also bless the little child who made the drawing above. Only if the world could learn from his good heart, then the world would become a better place for everyone.

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