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After A Gang Of Primary School Students Beat Up A Masquerade, Here Is What People Said (Video)

Although, it was not actually clear where this incident happened in Lagos, and when in particular, but the emergence of the video clip showing a group of school students beating a masquerade has caused social media uproar.

Narrating how it all started, the group of students numbering about 5 were actually standing very close to the road, and it appeared as if they wanted to cross the road, then came a masquerade that accosted them and started harassing one of the students, immediately, the other students started rendering blows and slaps on the helpless masquerade as he fell to the ground.

The timely intervention of some officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission saved the masquerade from the hands of the boys. Nobody knows whether the school boys, who cannot be more than 16,17 and 18 in ages, had encountered the Masquerade before the face-off between them. However, some Nigerians have reacted to the video.

One of the Twitter users said that the Masquerade needs to be more careful next time, as those kids are confirmed hoodlums. Another user claimed that the school students must have been frustrated by their teachers, and the Masquerade only worsened the issue for them. Another user funnily asked if the masquerade was their mathematics teacher.

Check some of the funny reactions below.

However, as funny as the video may actually seem, what the school students did was actually dangerous to their lives. Aside the fact that their actions are morally unacceptable, beating up a masquerade has an implication repercussion on such offenders. I believe that it is high time our parents beef up their act of proper upbringing of their wards. If those children were properly brought up, they will not be beating up a masquerade on the street. What a funny insolence.

You can watch the full video of the whole drama by clicking on the link below.

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